Awesome Valentines Dress Ideas For Teen Girls 31
Awesome Valentines Dress Ideas For Teen Girls 31

42 Awesome Valentines Dress Ideas for Teen Girls

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There are new trends in Flower Girl Dresses that come onto the scene each year. Although the bride is always meant to be the star of the day, the Flower Girl is an important part of the wedding party and can definitely make a style statement.

The bride should give as much attention to the Flower Girl’s dress as she does to her bridesmaids’ dresses.  When looking for a dress for the flower girl, the bride should consider affordability since the flower girl’s parents usually pay for the dress.


Pink is the most popular color for Flower Girl Dresses.  A pale frosted pink is usually the shade of pink most used.

White is the second most popular color.  When the flower girl is wearing a white dress, the bride may have her wear a dress that is very similar to the bride’s wedding gown.

Pastel colors are the ones that brides want their flower girls to wear.  If pink or white is not used, you will usually see the flower girl dressed in light yellow, light frosty green, lavender or even light blue.  Pastel colors tend to enhance a young girl’s femininity, and pastels do not stand out so strongly that they detract from the bride’s wedding gown.


Evening Weddings can give the bride an opportunity to choose a sophisticated style and color for her flower girl. Some flower girls have worn silver dresses at evening affairs.  Others have worn velvet or velveteen in black, dark blue or dark green, magenta and ruby red. Due to the chill in the evening air in some parts of the country, brides may want to choose a style of dress that has a light jacket with it to keep the flower girl warm at an evening reception.

Holiday Weddings are fun for the bride to plan because there is already a built-in theme for the wedding.  Valentine’s Day and Christmas are the two most popular holidays for wedding ceremonies.  Red is the most obvious choice for either holiday, but at a Valentine’s Day wedding flower girls have also been seen in different shades of pink, while at Christmas weddings they have worn green with red or white accessories.


There are many superb designers and designer collections that specialize in and feature Flower Girl Dresses. Most brides prefer a traditional wedding and the current colors and designs for Flower Girl Dresses reflect this. A bride can never go wrong choosing a flower girl dress that makes a little girl look like a little girl.

A dress that is flowing but not too long is best, so that the flower girl will not trip while she is walking down the aisle.  A length to the middle of the calf is the most popular.


Brides should not forget that accessories are important to the overall look of the Flower Girl.  Hair ribbons, flowers, hair bands, colored sashes, shoes and matching socks or stockings, earrings, bracelets – all of these accessories can complete a beautiful look for the Flower Girl.


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