Cute Valentines Dress Ideas For Little Girl 40
Cute Valentines Dress Ideas For Little Girl 40

45 Cute Valentines Dress Ideas for Little Girl

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The day of Romance and love isn’t just for adults anymore. Valentine’s Day is a great day to show your little girl just how much you care for her. This holiday is a great way to build a little princess’s self-esteem by showing her the worth she has and the joy that can be found in familial love.

A special breakfast is a perfect way to start Valentine’s Day. Prepare her favorite breakfast and serve it with a fancier drink, like hot chocolate or orange juice. Take the time to sit down and spend breakfast time eating together, rather than rushing about trying to get everything ready on time.

Surprise her with a little trinket. Cinderella princess shoes, a purse, or a miniature animal or doll are examples of small gifts that she could keep with her throughout the day. If you feel like going a little more extravagant with a trinket, get her some white gloves to wear with her princess Disney costumes or fluffy stuffed animal or WebKinz. Girls love little gifts, and Valentine’s Day is a great day to surprise your sweet daughter with a small gift for her to cherish.

While most jewelry isn’t age appropriate for younger girls, there are a few options that little girls love. A small necklace or bracelet would be cherished, particularly if it matched something Mom received as well.

For a more crafty alternative, pick up some red beads and stretchy craft string and help her create her own necklace or bracelet. This will provide an opportunity to spend some time together as well as create a lasting memoir of the day.

Clothes are another great gift for little girls, especially since they are gifts that last a long time. The red Winter Beauty dress up dress is a great example of this type of gift. The red Winter Beauty dress has a white bodice and white trim, and the skirt and arms of the dress are made in a deep red crushed velvet.

Gold embellishments complete the dress. Dresses like the red Winter Beauty dress double as a Valentines Day dress and a Christmas party dress, allowing you to provide a gift that lasts throughout the seasons. In-between holidays and parties, fancy red dresses are great as a princess costume.

Dress ups in general are a great Valentine’s Day gift. Princess Disney costumes delight any little girl, enabling her to truly feel like a princess on a day dedicated to love. Imagine the excitement of your little girl opening up a Cinderella dress on Valentine’s Day! There are many affordable princess Disney costumes that would all provide a thoughtful and lasting gift.

While chocolates and cards are traditional Valentine’s Day fare, think out of the box this year. Give your daughter tickets for the family (and a friend, if desired) to go to the movies. Take her to a fancy restaurant, and let her get dressed up and hair curled. If she’s more of a tomboy, take her to the park to play with a new ball and pick up some ice cream afterwards. Giving your little girl time together is one of the best gifts you can give her.


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