43 Simple Spring Wedding Dress 2018 Trends Ideas

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Spring is a time for new beginnings and a very popular time for weddings. The flowers are blooming, and everything is fresh and renewed.

Take advantage of the beautiful weather and plan a wedding that embraces the season.

The Venue

There are many popular venues that are wonderful for a spring wedding. Your dream may be to get married under an elegant gazebo in a local botanical garden or on a deck next to the ocean. Investigate the variety of options that are available in your area. Look for a venue that is unique, but still fits your needs. Discuss your venue choice with your photographer. He or she may have some ideas on lighting that will allow him or her to take spectacular photos.

The Décor

Making your floral choices in the spring gives you a wide variety from which to pick. Azaleas, apple blossoms, daffodils, daisies, lilacs and roses are just a few of the varieties that bloom in the spring. Picking the right flowers can add freshness and elegance to your décor. Incorporate candles to add mystery and sparkle to your reception. Use fresh, bright colors to accent your décor.

The Dress

A spring wedding dress doesn’t have to be white. You can find beautiful dresses in pastels, beige, cream and other spring colors. Use contrasting colors to add excitement. Pick up a few of the spring edition bridal magazines and look through them for ideas before you shop. Keep in mind you can save by buying a gently used wedding dress online. Wedding dress resellers often offer designer spring dresses for an exceptional price.

The Wedding Cake

Spring wedding cakes can be alive with color and flowers – not to mention, delicious. Imagine a gorgeous tiered cake with cascading flowers. A spring wedding cake can be simple and elegant or over the top and still represent the season. Pair traditional spring themes with amazing flavors, such as fruit or citrus, for a remarkable spring wedding cake that your guest will love.

A Few Things to Keep in Mind

There are a few things you should plan for if you are hosting a spring wedding. In the spring, the days may be warm, but the evenings could be cool. Make sure that your venue will remain comfortable on you and your guests throughout the evening. When you find your perfect wedding dress, pick out a matching wrap to slip on if the temperature drops.

There could be mud, fresh-cut grass, bugs and even rain to contend with if you choose an outdoor venue. Be thoughtful and place some bug repellent discreetly throughout the area for your guests. Have some umbrellas handy, or have a covered area that you and your guests can retreat to in case of spring showers.

The spring season is the most popular time for weddings because of the freshness of the season, and it is a wonderful time to gather friends and family for a celebration. Be creative and surround yourself with the beauty of the season, and you will enjoy a day of special memories to last a lifetime.


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