Totally Perfect Wedding Bouquets Ideas For This Spring And Summer 41
Totally Perfect Wedding Bouquets Ideas For This Spring And Summer 41

47 Totally Perfect Wedding Bouquets Ideas For This Spring And Summer

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here are thousands of ways to create wedding bouquets to make them completely unique. Many brides choose their bridal bouquet based on the color scheme of the wedding. They may choose a touch of color for their bouquet in a hue of the bridesmaids’ gowns.

Another way to create a bouquet with a special meaning is to choose flowers based on the Victorian belief that each flower had a meaning. Gardenias symbolized joy, orchids were for love, and lily of the valley meant joy. Research the meanings of various flowers to create a unique bouquet with special meaning.

Flowers can reflect the backgrounds of the couple, and wedding bouquet ideas could incorporate the flowers that are the birth month flowers of the bride and groom. Some brides choose the same flowers for their bouquets that their mothers or grandmothers carried at their weddings.

Another idea to make the wedding bouquet special is to use flowers from a special date when you were surprised with flowers, such as the day of your proposal. The same flowers can be used for the bouquet and to decorate the church and reception site. Find out what flowers your attendants love and create your bouquet with each of the flowers.

Use seasonal combinations as wedding bouquet ideas. Delicate spring flowers such as pink peonies and lily of the valley, which has a wonderful scent, are popular for early spring weddings.

For summer, many brides favor roses, which come in a wide array of beautiful pastel colors, and can be mixed with other summer flowers to create lovely bouquets. Roses in the same shade as the bridesmaids’ gowns look exquisite.

Flowers in warm reds, oranges and golds are perfect for autumn weddings. For festive Christmas weddings, deep red roses and baby’s breath are stunning.

Irish or Celtic themed wedding could incorporate a mixture of colorful wildflowers for wedding bouquets for the bride and her attendants. The shape of the bouquet for an Irish wedding is the traditional nosegay style.

Flower girls usually carry the same flowers in baskets with cascading ribbons. For Irish-themed weddings, wildflowers that are indigenous to Ireland are often used. One of the most popular flowers is the daisy, which grows in Ireland.

One flower, which grows in Ireland, could be the focal point of the bouquets, with others that are grown elsewhere, mixed in. Wildflowers for a themed Celtic wedding could also be based on color. Some suggestions are pink anemones, green ivy or rosemary, blue bells or purple sea asters.


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