Cute Spring Outfits Ideas For Tweens 39
Cute Spring Outfits Ideas For Tweens 39

44 Cute Spring Outfits Ideas For Teens

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An active teen is seen all over the place. In the hallways of their high school, on sports fields, in parks at parties, behind the wheel, at the library, in and out of restaurants and shops, at the movies and so on.

With all that walking, running, studying, chilling and partying, it’s imperative that your outfit includes some fashionable yet versatile footwear to get you from place to place. Below are some awesome style ideas from our fashion school experts to inspire a 2011-appropriate teenage shoe collection!

A footwear favorite for this spring and summer is the chunky platform sandal. These sandals are great for the season, because they are funky and fun, with a glamorous seventies vibe, yet still elegant and dressy, depending on the material.

They are coming out in bold colors, and in fabrics like silk, suede, leather and even hemp, plastic and wood. You can wear them with shorts and a bikini to the beach, with an evening cocktail dress for a fancier event like prom, or a graduation dinner, or you can pair a cute pair of platforms with socks, for a preppy, girly look.

Fashion college students also confirm that this style is especially great for a teen girl, because it reads young and cute. Also, because the platform makes the shoe more comfortable and easier to walk in, despite the high heels. Perfect for a high-heel trainee!

Spring and summer always bring warm weather with them, and with warm weather comes a lot more time outside! For a comfortable, casual and inexpensive sneaker style, try getting yourself a pair of the classic Converse All-Stars, either below the ankle or the high-top style.

Converse shoes have been around since 1917, and popular among young people since the 1970’s, and amidst the fast-paced changes in the fashion industry, they have remained a classically wearable shoe.

Teenage girls inspired by the platform trend this season should grab themselves a pair of clogs. Clogs have made their way back into style this season in a major way, and there are several different styles to choose from.

You can try leather or fake leather clogs with a wooden heel, especially cute when embellished with metal studs. Patent-leather clogs are also a great option, as well as suede or velvet. Pair them with shorts-overalls or a flowery, flowered skirt for a great spring outfit.

For the really style-conscious teens, fashion college experts recommend the patterned boot. Ankle boots, peep-toe boots, platform boots, and even go-go boots will be seen on a lot of legs this season, and all with wacky, wild, non-matching patterns!

Out of hundreds of patterns to choose from, creative teens can take their pick, whether it’s polka dots, color-blocked, striped, tribal-patterned, plaid, a futuristic take on hounds tooth or just plain multi-colored, a pair of patterned boots will make a strong fashion statement this spring.

Shoes and shoe design are certainly an innovative, interesting aspect of fashion design, and most importantly shoes are necessary tools for protecting your body and living your life. A versatile collection of shoes is absolutely necessary for a busy, active teenager!


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