Cool Black Nail Ideas For Women 34
Cool Black Nail Ideas For Women 34

44 Cool Black Nail Ideas For Women

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The French nail manicure is one of the most popular simple nail designs around. It is simple, yet sleek and natural yet refined. What’s great about simple nail designs is that you can change the style and color just slightly to create another interesting element.

This black web design is still chic because only the nail tip is done. It is a great look for an evening affair or even for a professional.

There are many simple nail designs that generate from an original idea. In this case, it is the French nail manicure. Unlike the French nail manicure, which is painted across the nail tip, this design has a V-shape. This design also uses black nail polish instead of white, and has additional silver lines.

Simple Nail Designs

The V-shape The hardest part about achieving the V-shape is making sure that the point is right in the middle of the nail. What you can do is take a black nail art brush and draw a very small dot in the middle of your nail. So, essentially, you will have a small black dot located more than half-way up your nail just below the nail tip.

This dot ensures that your V-shape is symmetrical. Using the black dot as a central point, draw an X on your nail tip. Remember, that this resembles a French nail manicure, so the design is only going to be on the top half of your nail. Now, fill in all 3 out of the four quadrants of the X you made with black nail polish.

In other words, fill in the top of the X, the left side of the X, and the right side of the X. Do not fill in the bottom part of the X because this creates the V-shape. You will no longer see the X, just a black rectangle with an angle in it.

X marks the spot Are you ready to find that X you made again? Taking a silver nail art brush, trace where the X used to be. You can use the black V-shape as a guide. The silver X will break up your nail tip into three quadrants. If the silver does not show up well, go over the line again. Also, certain name brands are better than others and contain more glitter per stroke.


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