Stylish Messy Bob Hairstyles Ideas For Beauty Women 35
Stylish Messy Bob Hairstyles Ideas For Beauty Women 35

47 Stylish Messy Bob Hairstyles Ideas For Beauty Women

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Many people often thing, I’m sick of managing my long hair. Some think, I need a change. Some people needed to cut their hair off for a variety of reasons, and now they need help deciding what to do with it.

Short hairstyles can be tricky, but it has its upsides. First you have got to choose why you want a short hairstyle, because this is the guide to finding one that works for you.

For instance, some women want short hairstyles so they can maintain it with an ease. For those of you who have been long hair long timers you can understand how frustrating it tends to get managing long hair. Short hair takes less time, and with some styles, less effort.

For most, the worry that short hair is unfeminine is present, but this is not the case! Short hair can even be more feminine and more flattering for some people; it’s all a matter of trying different things and opening yourself up to a world of options.

Just keep in mind that you should be absolutely positive before letting your stylist pick up those scissors, as your hair may take quite a while to grow back.

Now it’s time to decide how short you want to take it. For those of you who have never had short hair, I would suggest a bob or a messy look. These looks are short, but not too short.

Usually going to the chin or maybe an inch past, these looks are perfect for people who’ve never tried short hair and want to start slowly. However, short cuts can be lengthy, or incredibly short. It’s all about preference.

The bob cut is a cut that can vary in styles. It is what it sounds like, a short hair cut ending in a slight bob. It is usually kept sleek and straight, and it is perfect for a business sophisticated look. Asymmetrical bobs are really in this year (longer in the front, shorter in the back).

The Messy Look is often the same length as a bob, sometimes a bit longer and is usually a choppy layered look that is low maintenance. Perfect for those who switched to short because it is easy to manage, you can just rough it up and go.


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