Brilliant Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas Trend 2018 39
Brilliant Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas Trend 2018 39

49 Brilliant Rose Gold Hair Color Ideas Trend 2018

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Gold has always represented a symbol of wealth, the metal of the leading classes and the emblem of the rich. Because of its color, it has been associated with the sun and borrowed from its attributes. The first one is the color.

Just like the sun, gold is of a bright, warm yellow. But as the sun hides among the clouds and sends towards Earth different colored rays and shows itself just some of its faces, gold may be alloyed and get different hues from this commixture.

In time, people played with gold and changed its hues. Taking into account that in time, most jewelries had been worn by women, and considering their complexion, the jewelers tried to underline the beauty of the broach or of the earrings by adjusting it to the color of the lady’s skin.

Just as in painting, the first step was mixing the colors. Gold is one of the metals which can be very easily manufactured and mixed with other metals. Its yellow color ennobles the one who wears it. But still, this does not cater for all tastes. For this reason, just as under a spell, the magic manufacturer added other metals and tried to change its appearance.

For instance, mixing gold with copper, it gets a reddish hue. Rose gold was the result and it seemed to add a plus of femininity and romantism. It is usually the favorite of the ladies with red hair, who wear autumnal hues.

For the vernal ladies, the specialist invented a new formula mixing gold with copper, silver and Palladium so that it sparkles in green tones. So, in case anybody longs for something fresh, for some energy and balance, green gold is one of the most suitable choices. It is said that it inspires self-respect to those who wear it.

In case some peace of mind is in need, the specialists thought of purple gold. A different amount of copper would change the hues of gold and maybe the state of mind for the one who wears it. Purple usually brings a plus of imagination. It is said that it helps people take better decisions and it also involves the purification of the mind.

Moreover, the same specialists tried to reconcile the ancient fight between gold and silver and their solution was to maintain the elegance of gold but borrow the color of silver. This is the white gold, the metal meant to bring some clarity of the mind and some psychic energy.

On the other hand, we always have opposites in nature and white gold needed its opposite as well. The black gold is mysterious, energizing the wearier and leading the person on the unknown path of the world.

And if this is not enough, taking all these hues all together, the result would be the brown gold, the one which connects people with nature, trying to bring back to its beginnings.


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