Most Popular Gold Tuxedo Jacket For Men 29
Most Popular Gold Tuxedo Jacket For Men 29

40 Most Popular Gold Tuxedo Jacket For Men

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Gold cufflinks are beautifully crafted accessories that add a touch of elegance and sophistication, more than style, to a dashing outfit. They are usually considered as classics, alongside silver and platinum cufflinks.

Cufflinks made of gold are commonly worn on the most formal social functions – white tie and black tie events to be precise. Both require strict formal attire. White tie majorly comprises of a black tailcoat with black trousers, white dress shirt, white bow tie, white waistcoat (cummerbund).

The black tie on the other hand requires a black tuxedo/dinner jacket with black trousers, black waistcoat (cummerbund), and either black bow tie or neck tie. Both require black socks/silk stockings and black patent leather shoes (high gloss). Pretty standard and can be dull boring at times. A pair of these cufflinks does magic in adding up to standard formal attire.

Well, at most times these occasions doesn’t leave you with much choice either. Most white dress shirts for tuxedos have French cuffs anyway. So wear cufflinks instead of buttons to secure the cuffs. And since it’s a formal event, classic cufflinks like gold or silver are best.

Gold is one of the basic and safest colors to choose for formal attire. The only rule though in wearing gold cufflinks is that it should match well with other accessories you’re wearing. Dominant colors for formal attire are usually black and white. Your accessories are the only ones you can personalize; make sure they follow the same color-tone.

For example, if you chose to wear gold cufflinks, make sure it matches with the color of your belt buckle, and other pieces of jewelries you’re wearing – gold-tone wristwatch, bracelet, or ring. If you’re wearing silver cufflinks, all other accessories should be silver-toned too.

Gold cufflinks are also most appropriate if you’re wearing a brown suit – brown dinner jacket with brown trousers, brown socks and brown leather shoes. Make sure you wear gold jewelry too.

Expect cufflinks in gold to be quite expensive too. Generally they’re more expensive than silver and platinum cufflinks. A typical pair of gold cufflinks can cost around several hundred to thousands of dollars. The price depends largely on the quality, designer brand, and design. 14k and 18k are the most common. The higher the karat, the higher the price.

This pair of gold jewelry comes in many designs too – from the very simple to the very detailed. There are solid gold cufflinks and two-toned gold cufflinks. You can also find gold cufflinks crafted with inlays of diamonds and other gem stones – mother of pearl, onyx, opal, etc. The price thereof varies considerably depending on the inlays. Diamond studded cufflinks are over a thousand dollars now.

There are even novelty gold cufflinks with playful designs. If you’re on budget, gold-plated cufflinks of course are cheaper.

These gold pair of men’s accessories can also be personalized. Monogrammed ones make great gifts.

Lastly, gold cufflinks are timeless. If you buy one, consider it an investment. Many vintage cufflinks are gold, too. They are usually kept as treasured jewelry and passed on as heirlooms for generations.


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