Most Popular Beach Hat Ideas 37
Most Popular Beach Hat Ideas 37

41 Most Popular Beach Hat Ideas

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Hosting an indoor beach party is the perfect way to beat the winter blues. When it’s cold and gray outside, you can entertain guests in the heart of the tropics with a little creativity and planning.

Use it as a birthday party theme, a family gathering or just for fun when it’s a beach party, everyone’s happy. Indoor beach party ideas will vary depending on the age group, but there’s no limit to the amount of fun you’ll have.


Deliver a single flip flop with the party information attached. When the guests bring the flip flop to the party, present them with the mate and they have new footwear for the event. Try researching some basic words in Hawaiian or a Caribbean language, such as “time” or “address” and incorporating them into a basic indoor beach party invitation. Inflate a beach blow up toy and write the info in black marker. Deflate the toy and deliver to the guests.


Drape colorful beach towels over all the furniture and place beach umbrellas in strategic corners. Seashells nestled in sand in clear glass globes make excellent centerpieces and of course, have some classic beach tunes in the background. Use grass skirts from the dollar store to line tables and chairs. Blow up beach balls and floating toys look festive, as do sand toys.

Party food

Many guests will insist on fruit smoothies with fancy little umbrellas in them. Fresh fruit kabobs, especially with pineapple and mango, will recall the tropics. Beach and boardwalk foods such as corndogs, hot dogs and chips work well, too.

Serve food buffet style from plastic sand buckets, overturned straw island hats and colorful platters. For the really ambitious, purchase some real coconuts and let guests eat real raw coconut and sample fresh coconut milk most people have never done that.


Decorate sandcastles made of Rice Krispie treats. Use small new sandcastle molds to shape the mixture, then decorate with small candies and frosting. Hold a hula competition, where teams have to select a story, nursery rhyme or movie plot and tell it through hula. The team that guesses the story correctly wins a prize.

Young children can watch a beach movie and play “Pin the Surfer on the Surfboard.” Any age can participate in a beach-themed scavenger hunt. Don’t forget limbo and balloon volleyball, either. Get crazy with coconut bowling using a real coconut and empty soda bottles.


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