Wedding Reseption Centerpieces Inspirations Ideas 35
Wedding Reseption Centerpieces Inspirations Ideas 35

46 Wedding Reseption Centerpieces Inspirations Ideas

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We all want that perfect dream wedding day. And a beach wedding with gorgeous reception centerpieces is a great start for many, but the sun and the ocean breezes that makes the beach so magical also poses challenges for your wedding plans and really impact beach wedding reception centerpieces.

Most any bride who has been married on a beach will tell you that the wind and the sun are the biggest challenges to overcome when designing the centerpieces for the beach wedding reception. The question is what to do about them? What works under those circumstances?

Indeed, the intense sun of the seaside is not kind to many kinds of flowers, causing them to wilt or change color. Thus, if a bride desires to use flowers in her beach wedding centerpieces (or in any other part of her wedding) it is wise to do two things:

First, talk to a florist that is experienced in staging weddings on or around the beach that the couple intends to use to determine the kinds of flowers that are likely to hold up during the ceremony and reception.

Second, make a test run. Whatever flowers are chosen still should be tested so there will be no surprises on the wedding day. This is a great excuse to take a day to relax during the time in the wedding planning process that can be so stressful. Bring the flowers or floral centerpieces and set them out in comparable conditions to the expected wedding day conditions while the new couple enjoys some quiet time together relaxing at the beach.

Likewise, the wind is often an obstacle. Especially for those who desire to make use of candles as the sun sets at their ceremony. Fortunately, there are more than a couple ways to overcome this obstacle. The easiest, and most reliable option is to replace candles with flickering tea lights. These are battery operated lights that use led technology to give off a flickering candle like light. Place these in luminaries or other tea light holders that accent the light coming through the texture of the holder instead of the candle and the problem is solved.

Another option that helps overcome the wind while still using candles in a beach wedding reception centerpiece is to choose tall, slender cylinders that will shelter the candle from the effects of the wind as the focal point of the wedding reception centerpieces. Complete the centerpiece designs in any number of ways, such as by filling the bottom of the cylinder with sand and shells in the bottom supporting the candle, or ‘drowning’ several sea shells in water and floating a candle above them.

Of course, candles are not a requirement. A beautiful centerpiece can be made by filling a glass bowl with water and sea shells. This carefree design has no danger of being impacted by any but the most violent winds and only needs another handful of shells scattered around it’s base on the table to be complete.

Likewise, a fun option that is perfectly suited to overcome the problem of sun and wind at a beach wedding reception are the premade sand castle centerpieces . Since they are made of sand, there is no chance of wilting, and anything that can be shipped across the country is unlikely to be impacted by the wind.

Finally, a bride can create a stunning centerpiece for the tables at a beach wedding reception by making use of silk flowers. For instance, choose a vase that is a couple inches taller than the silk flower spray, fill the bottom of the vase with sand and/or seashells from which the flower spray will emerge for the basis of a beach wedding reception centerpiece that is not endangered by the sun or the wind that is so common to the seashore. Surround the centerpiece with beach themed wedding favors and the theme is pretty well established.

Just like anything else, beach wedding reception centerpieces truly can be put together than are not vulnerable to damage by the wind and the sun. That’s important, because while ultimately the only thing that is important is the celebration of the new marriage of two best friends, it would be a shame to have a detail like the beach wedding reception centerpieces fail to live up to expectation when a little planning could be enough.


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