Elegant Tulle Skirt Wedding Gown Ideas 37
Elegant Tulle Skirt Wedding Gown Ideas 37

47 Elegant Tulle Skirt Wedding Gown Ideas

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Getting married is an exciting time and you have much to plan and prepare, as well as shop for one of the most important things you will ever buy – your wedding gown. There are a number of gowns available which do have in-sewn crinolines, however, if you intend to purchased a gown without one you will need to consider which petticoat or crinoline is best.

First things first, if you are not sure what the difference is between a petticoat and crinoline, the crinoline has an extra layer or layers of tulle which can be in a layered, ruffled or tiered. Petticoats are great for the slinky sheath style and mermaid gown so it does not stick to your legs or fold between them. Crinolines are used to create fullness and shape for A-Line, Empire style and Ball gowns.

Choosing the right sized crinoline is just as important as choosing other essential items such as your veil, shoes or bouquet. The first place to start is by measuring the circumference of your gown. This will give you a good grounding on what style and size of crinoline or petticoat to buy.

For gowns with a smaller circumference up to 125” (318cm), a crinoline with a minimal amount of fullness is ideal. This type of crinoline usually has a non-stick layer under the tulle layer to prevent the tulle from scratching. Some crinolines have another non-stick layer on top of the tulle to prevent the tulle from snagging on the gown.

Medium fullness crinolines suit gowns with a hem circumference of 128” to 157” (325cm to 398.8cm). This type of crinoline is great for gowns which taper out from the waist to the hem without expanding at the hip line.

Full or Super full crinolines suit a hem circumference of 160” to 188”(406.4cm to 477.5cm). This type of crinoline is great for gowns with embroidered designs which need to be accentuated or have layers of fabric such as tulle or a mixture of tulle and satin.

For gowns that are very full with circumferences up to 220” (558.8cm), a mega full crinoline is more appropriate. This type of crinoline is great to achieve the ”Gone with the Wind” look for ball or Elizabethan style gowns.

Never choose a crinoline that is fuller than your gown especially if you have not allowed any extra length in the skirt to accommodate a fuller crinoline. Also an over full skirt may take away the dramatic effect you wished to achieve. If, however, your gown is made of very heavy material and would squash a crinoline for the hem circumference it may pay to try a fuller crinoline to get the desired effect.

Hoops are another option which you may consider and are ideal for ball or very full gowns especially those with layers of tulle under the top skirt. They do have some disadvantages as they can alter the effect to the gown, especially if the hoops are not covered with tulle or thicker
fabric as they may show through the gown. They also have a tendency to swing when walking.

Which ever crinoline you choose however, it is best to choose one which you like, is appropriate for the style of gown you have chosen and also highlights the best features of your gown.


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