Inexpensive And Unique Wedding Favors Ideas 39
Inexpensive And Unique Wedding Favors Ideas 39

40 Inexpensive And Unique Wedding Favors Ideas

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Wedding favors should symbolize you and your spouse; they must reflect your personality and match your wedding theme. As wedding favors is a common item which is given in all wedding parties, these gifts are starting to look bit boring as same common items are being used as wedding favors. If you try to be bit creative you can find many different unique wedding favor ideas.

Trying totally different and unique wedding favor ideas are always great fun. You can browse through on internet for some time to find many such unique ideas you can simply personalize those ideas a bit and you will be coming out with a totally different idea of yourself.

One such unique idea is to make a CD of songs; you can simply compile the collection of your songs or remix them. You can simply use windows movie maker which is available on all computers and edit the songs the way you like. You can simply put different video for different song or you can mix old songs with new albums. People with interest in music can do wonders if they spend some time on windows movie maker.

If you are looking for inexpensive wedding favors consider making them all by yourself. Wedding favors like cookies and candles are the best for this purpose. You can make several different shapes and sizes of candles and cookies matching to your tastes. They don’t cost anything extra if you choose to personalize or customize candles and cookies and make them unique wedding favors for your wedding.

While making such inexpensive wedding favors make sure that you pack them in attractive containers and boxes. As wedding favors also serve as a part of the reception hall it is important that they look good and presentable. If packing box is good it adds to getup of the decoration of reception hall and creates good impression on the guests.

If you do not have time and you are occupied with other wedding preparations you can simply purchase something unique from the market and present it as a wedding favors. Planting seeds are one such wedding favors which is being presented by some people these days. After purchasing in bulk from wholesale renders you need to simply pack them in blank envelopes and tag you and your spouse name on the envelope.


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