Must Have Awesome Fashion Trends For Summer 29
Must Have Awesome Fashion Trends For Summer 29

40 Must Have Awesome Fashion Trends For Summer

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When it comes to an outdoor summer wedding, there is simply nothing that could be more romantic.  The warm sun and breezes, coupled with beautiful blue skies makes the perfect backdrop for a beautiful ceremony you’ll remember for a lifetime.

An outdoor summer wedding allows for a little leeway when it comes to lighter fabrics for wedding gowns, lighter food for the reception, and just an overall lighter feeling for the ceremony.  For those that want the latest bridal trends for Summer 2009, here are five that seem to top the list:

Lavender, Greens, and Blues

Colour is making a splash this year, from the wedding gown to the decorations.  Bold, bright colors for the wedding gowns in a wide array of greens, blues, and lavender have really taken the wedding industry by storm.  With matching gloves and hat, these colors bring a completely new look to the traditional wedding.

Elegant Bohemian

The sixties have made a comeback for 2009 as the loose, flowing styles for gowns have become popular once again.  Ruffles and maxi dresses are all the rage right now and it’s flowed right into the wedding gown.  You’ll even find palazzo pantsuits that are perfect for the rehearsal dinner or reception.

Coloured Gemstone Wedding Rings

Still looking for that perfect set of wedding rings?  Forgo the traditional gold and diamond set and look for those with beautiful splashes of color from rubies, emeralds, or sapphires.  Consider matching the jewel tone with the theme for your bridesmaid dresses and you can capture one of the hottest wedding trends for 2009.

Southern Belle

With hospitality at the forefront, a southern belle trend is a terrific fit for those that are simply not the type to wear a streamlined, sophisticated wedding gown.  The classic frock, complete with a wide ribbon sash has been spotted all over the bridal runways this year.  It’s a fabulously romantic look and perfect for those that want something different for their special day.  Complete the look with a lace and straw bonnet and the southern charm is sure to flow.

Decorated Wedding Cars

The traditional look of a wedding car that trails crepe paper or noise makers of some sort is giving way to a more exotic look.  Completely decorated wedding cars, with flowers, ribbon, and even lace, add a special feel for your big day.  Make sure you reserve your wedding car early to take advantage of the best selection and pricing.  Most companies offer terrific package deals for multiple wedding cars.

In Closing

It’s important to remember that your wedding should reflect your preferences, no matter what the current trends are.  While many people want to be in the most up-to-date fashions, others simply want to wear a traditional gown or something completely away from the norm.  Chose what you prefer and what you are comfortable in.  The same applies to all areas of your wedding, from the venue to the wedding car.  Choose what you like and enjoy your special day.


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