41 Amazing Summer Outfits Of Lace And Locks Fashion Blog

Amazing Summer Outfits Of Lace And Locks Fashion Blog 36 Amazing Summer Outfits Of Lace And Locks Fashion Blog 36

A is for accessories. Go wild! there are some beautiful accessories out there that do not have to cost a fortune. Layer necklaces together, add bright bangles. Look for Ethnic, Aztec or Inca themes.

B is for Beach Bag. Choose a large bag a vibrant color and a waterproof interior.

C is for Cover -Up. Look out for cheesecloth, muslin. Choose floaty fabrics that do not cling too tightly.

D is for Dress. There is so much choice in the shops right now. Bold colors or Lace overlay dresses, vintage-delicate and feminine. Who can be without the Maxi dress?

E is for Embellish – can be found on tops, dresses, sandals and purses. Even better customize your own.

F is for floral. Flowers are everywhere, including sandals and hair accessories.

G is for glasses. Fabulous styles in sun-glasses (UV protection). If you require eye glasses for reading consider prescription sunglasses.

H is for a hold-all or cabin bag. Ideal if you plan to do some holiday shopping.

I is for ID wallet. Choose a bold and bright color as an accessory to keep all your holiday documents in.

J is for jacket, something lightweight that packs easily.

K is for Kaftan: A beaded kaftan is great for going from beach to bar.

L is for luggage. Louis Vuitton? Or just good quality luggage. Tie a bright band around your suitcase or paint a sticker on it so you can recognize it on the carousel from other luggage.

M is for make-up, choose foundation with sun protection. Include a bronzer, waterproof mascara and at least two lipsticks that match your nail color. Don’t’ forget make-up remover pads.

N is for Nail varnish and nail accessories. Remember the nail file

O is for holiday organizer. Keep a diary of your favorite places you have visited. Better still if it fits in with your other accessories.

P is for Pashmina. These lovely shawls can be used in a multitude of ways and will complement any outfit. Added bonus, it will keep away those evening chills.

Q is for Quirky – go and be brave with color and design, choose a piece of clothing or an accessory that you would not normally go for. Be quirky and set the trend.

R is for Rain-coat – just a small one to fold away in your suit case. Actually, buying a decent raincoat will see you through any season

S is for shorts. An essential holiday item, whether short shorts or knee length.

T is for ‘Tops’ sleeveless, capped sleeve, long-sleeved, plain, patterned, bold or neutral. The choice is yours.

U is for umbrella. Yes I know, but those tropical storms can be heavy, or as protection from the sun on the beach!

V is for vest, the ultimate top to go with anything, can be worn on its own, layered or as a camisole.

W is for wedge sandals. The foot fashion accessory shoe of the summer

X is for xtra or oversized t shirts for cover ups.

Y is for You! Prepare for your holiday by having a facial, manicure and pedicure.

Z is for zip-lock bag to keep your travel items together through customs. Also useful to keep small items in your beach bag so they do not get wet.


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