Best Ways To Rock Your Feminine Style On Summer 37
Best Ways To Rock Your Feminine Style On Summer 37

40 Best Ways To Rock Your Feminine Style On Summer

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The devil is in the details. This is totally true when it comes to fashion. You will always look fabulous with the right accessories. You simply need to get inspired by the trends and pick the best items for your individual style. Read this short guide to the top trends for the summer of 2014. It will help you pick the ideal accessories.

Geometrically Shaped Bags in Bright Colors

The main accessory which every woman needs is the perfect bag. This summer the ideal bag has a geometric shape. The rectangular and the square models in particular are the biggest hit. They come in a variety of sizes from small to extra large. The large trapezoid models and the small round purses are also quite stylish.

This summer, the trendiest bags come in bright colors. The combination of yellow and white totally rocks. All the shades of blue are totally in style. Red, fuchsia and pink are also among the best color options. The snake skin patterns are undoubtedly a huge trend. The floral embellishments, the tassels and the chain straps are other major trends which you should not miss out.

Vintage Hats and Sporty Caps

The hats are among the mandatory women’s accessories for the summer when the sun is too hot for the gentle skin of the face. This year the vintage-inspired hats rule the scene. The wide-brimmed models which were the norm in the 60’s have never gone out of fashion. The black and white models are particularly hip this year.

Another great choice for the beach or for a garden party is the straw boater with a ribbon in white and navy blue. If you want a more formal look, you should definitely consider a cloche model inspired by the fashion of the 1920’s. For a more casual look, you should consider the hats inspired by the classic cowgirl style but with a modern twist. If you prefer sporty casual outfits like shorts, overalls and short tops, you can readily pair them with a cap in denim color.

Bold Sunglasses

It is time to celebrate the ultra feminine styles. In the summer of 2014, the round, cat-eye and butterfly sunglasses rule the scene. They look gorgeous on virtually any face shape and will give you a totally chic look. The best part is that the frames are gorgeously patterned. You can select from a huge variety of dot, floral and stripe patterns and even animal prints. The patterns and prints add two or three elegant colors to your look in a super cute yet totally discreet way. You can experiment with the lens color too. You should definitely not restrict yourself to the traditional black and brown shades.


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