Lovable Women Shoes For This Summer 38
Lovable Women Shoes For This Summer 38

40 Lovable Women Shoes For This Summer

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You want to look absolutely perfect this summer. The only way to achieve this is to pay close attention to the clothes and to the accessories which you will put on as well. The shoes have always been extremely important for the overall look.

Discover the current shoe fashion trends and pick the models which match your individual style. That way, you will achieve absolute perfection.

Pointy Flats

These are some of the trendiest shoes for the summer of 2014 simply because they have casual elegance and somewhat formal appeal at the same time. They are great for pairing with long or Capri pants in the evening for a garden party or a casual walk along the beach. You can select between gorgeous canvas and leather pointy flats. The white canvas models with colorful stripes are among the biggest hits. If you plan to go for leather flats, you should consider the glossy models in silver and gold.

High Heels in White

These summer classics are making a comeback in 2014. The thin heels are sufficiently high and sufficiently feminine to make the legs even longer and to give you absolutely flawless look. The trendiest models have at least two straps – one around the toes and one around the ankle. You can go for a model with more complex straps as well. You can select from variety of white shades. The major appeal of these shoes comes from the fact that they go excellently with all kinds of summer dresses irrespective of the length, color and pattern.

Colorful Pumps

The pumps with a big wide heel are a total hit in the summer of 2014. The really great thing is that the top part can come in a variety of gorgeous designs and hip colors. Orange is particularly trendy and so is deep sky blue. The two colors go excellently together as well as separately. The other hot combination of colors includes white, yellow and black. If you are somewhat of a traditionalist you can go for red and black or pink and beige. In any case, you should not hesitate to experiment.

Elegant Skate Shoes

This summer, the sporty trend is huge not only in clothing, but in shoes too. The skate shoes are ideal for pairing with mini skirts, shorts, tee dresses and casual tops. Just do not expect to find the traditional bulky models. The designs are much thinner and much more feminine than before. The selection of colors and patterns is huge with the black and white floral patterns being the biggest hit.

Summer Boots

The summer boots have been in vogue for years and they rule in 2014 as well. The mid-calf gladiator models are a huge hit and so are the cowboy boots in attractive colors such as white and red. One interesting thing is that the classic winter boots with ankle and mid-calf length will go excellently with the 90’s inspired overalls, shorts and sundresses which are totally trendy this summer.


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