Popular Balayage Hair Looks Women 38
Popular Balayage Hair Looks Women 38

42 Popular Balayage Hair Looks Women

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Permanent hair color – This contains a mixture of ammonia and peroxides. The main advantage of using permanent hair dye is that it lasts for a long period of time, and as the hair grows the dye only needs to be applied to the roots.

However, the color tends to fade if it is exposed to salt water or the sun. Furthermore, the ingredients in the dye may cause temporary dryness and damage. This is the only type of dye that can lighten very dark hues.

Demi-permanent hair color – This contains an alkaline agent instead of ammonia. Because of the absence of ammonia, this dye is thus safer and generally does not do as much damage. It gives off a more natural look but cannot be used to obtain a lighter shade.

Semi-permanent hair color – This doesn’t last as long as permanent varieties and will start to fade after about 6 washes. As it contains hardly any or no developer, peroxide or ammonia, it is ideal for use on damaged or delicate hair. It also gives a more natural look but it doesn’t quite succeed in disguising gray or white strands.

Temporary hair dye – This dye is available in various forms such as rinses, gels, shampoos, foams and sprays. When applied, it makes the hair look more brilliant and vivacious. If often comes in various shades and as its name suggests, it doesn’t last long and can be easily rinsed off with some shampoo.


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