Amazing Summer Shirt Dresses Ideas 38
Amazing Summer Shirt Dresses Ideas 38

49 Amazing Summer Shirt Dresses Ideas

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The tunic can be a confusing piece of clothing. As a shopper it can be hard to tell if we are looking at a shirt or a dress and in some cases maybe both. The more you learn about the tunic the more you will begin to see the amazing versatility within this simple style. Summer tunic dresses have many functions and you don’t have to be a size zero in order to utilize these different trends and styles.

The Elan clothing line offers a great deal of tunic styles perfect for casual and evening attire alike. In today’s economy it can be hard to find the money to spend on fashion which is why so many women are on the lookout for fashion pieces they can wear numerous times in several different ways; this is the summer tunic dress.

Firstly, a tunic dress is just that, a perfect summer dress. Worn alone, the tunic dress reaches just above the knees of an average height woman. The tunic is basically a long t-shirt and can be found in traditional cotton materials as well as the new and popular burned out materials for a cooler summer feel. These burned out materials almost always require layering because of the incredibly thin materials they become nearly transparent.

Aside from this the tunic dress can be found in short sleeves, sleeveless and long sleeveless and the necklines are just as variable. With scoop necks, boat necks, V-necks and asymmetrical neck lines to choose from you will always have a new style to choose from if you turn towards your tunic dress collection.

Now, if you are not in the mood for wearing a dress and prefer a different style while utilizing the same fashion piece your tunic dress can quickly and easily be layered and worn as a fashion top. Cropped leggings are popular this summer and most importantly they are comfortable!

These summer leggings come in a variety of different colors and are most commonly found in stretchy yoga materials instead of the cottons found during the winter for regular leggings. This look is perfect for casual wear and instantly creates a cute look full of style. To add a bit more intrigue to this style simply add a unique belt to the equation to add a trimmer style.

Skinny jeans are another great layer for any tunic dress. If you find your tunic dress to be a bit too long it doesn’t take away from the look to slightly fold the bottom hem under to make it a few inches shorter. A great rule of thumb is if you are wearing a dark colored fashion top lighter jeans may be a great option but if you are wearing a light colored fashion top darker jeans are flattering. It really is a personal preference and you will find tunics to be sold in the brightest and boldest colors this year, allowing them to be easily matched with light or dark wash jeans.


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