Beautiful Long Silver Necklace Ideas Suitable For Stylish Ladies 41
Beautiful Long Silver Necklace Ideas Suitable For Stylish Ladies 41

44 Beautiful Long Silver Necklace Ideas Suitable For Stylish Ladies

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When purchasing a silver necklace you inevitably think that you will only want to wear it around your neck, but as with most things in fashion sometimes thinking outside the box can present you with some new clever ideas about how to get the most out of your purchase! Following are my top five tips on unusual unique ways to wear your silver necklaces …

You can use a necklace as a bracelet by wrapping the chain around your wrist several times, this can look very elegant, in the case of beaded necklaces that are on elastic this becomes even easier, you can do the same with chain necklaces that contain pendants but the better choice would be an elasticised beaded necklace.

Knot it! This works well with pearls, ties knots in the pearls to create an interesting new way to wear the necklace, this can also work for other beaded necklaces that use larger beads. This approach can transform a basic strand of pearls into one of many different looks, create multiple knots, loops and shapes with the pearls and you could have a different look for every day of the week.

Wear it is a belt! Any necklace that has enough length can be worn as a belt, the purpose here is to accessorise not to hold up your clothing so do not use it as alternative to a belt but only as a decorative accessory, this works particularly well with dresses, a white pearl necklace strung around a black dress looks fantastic, equally a delicate long chain around the waist of a floral dress can add some hippy chique to your outfit.

Layer them! Who says you should only wear one necklace? Try and layer several of them to create a unique new look, if you mix materials such as beads with chains you will create an interesting look, you can even extend shorter chains by joining them together with their clasps, wrapping them around several times and then adding a set of beads over the top to create a very unique looking accessory.

Wear it in on your head! This might sound a little crazy and I do agree it is best suited to festival and casual attire but why not really think outside the box and wear your favourite necklace as a headband? A short beaded necklace works very well but there is nothing to say that a delicate chain with a flat pendant cannot be worn this way as well to add a hint of Indian charm.

Before you dispose of an old necklace make sure you have a think about some of these ideas, you might just get some more use out of it than you previously thought!


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