Amazing Back To School Outfit Ideas For Fall 33
Amazing Back To School Outfit Ideas For Fall 33

45 Amazing Back To School Outfit Ideas For Fall

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I’m so thankful for the summer season. Even with the mix of some moments of darkness and despair that filtered it’s way through some of the days, it’s still a little bit of sunshine that beams it’s way every 276 days. I leave a summer where my whims were justified as I just got in my car and drove to a nearby beach. Tempting desserts and ice cream were not off limits as I felt like a teenager again. No one seemed to care about deadlines or commitments as the longer days seemed to beckon a live-for-the-moment attitude. The little voice inside me seemed to be whispering..”just have fun”.

I know as I go through the stores right now, however, and notice the “Back to School” banners, they are signaling the routine of the Fall season with all of it’s responsibility. I start nesting as I do the necessary things like…

Changing the batteries in the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors. Hey it seems like this is the time of year where the kids are always asking for batteries for the calculators and remotes. Why not invest in those funny looking square 9 volt batteries that can save a life? It will only be a matter of days before the gas furnace or fireplaces kick on and by that time the battery department is no longer a shopping destination.

I dig out the cookbooks… and make a list of sauces and spices that I’ll need for those home-cooked meals that I’ll create on a crisp fall day. Dusting off the slow cooker and stocking up on storage containers is also on the list as I remember how little time there is on a typical fall day. It’s bye-bye to the B.B.Q and hello to un-charred menus.

I shift my wardrobe from frolicking Summer to business Fall… and give my seldom used clothing to charity. There are so many worthwhile charities out there right now, especially for women who are getting back into the workforce and need something special to wear to that first interview. As I mull over whether I want to give up my fourth black skirt, I think of how one of those women will feel as they slip into one of my upscale little business outfits. In a bag it goes, and out on my porch for pick-up. Generally if you arrange for your favorite charity the bag is gone by 8 a.m. the next day. A little more space in my closet and a good deed done.

I set an example to my family on how a lazy summer attitude needs to shift gears… The buzz is back for me and I have learned to welcome it and show my children how to re-engage. After so many years I now have a kind of energy of anticipation, even if I’m not entering those high school hallways. I busily get ready in my own way to make the grade. How do I feel about a season where the days are shorter and the clock seems to run faster with it’s to-do lists, goals and agendas? Well… I’m actually OK with it. To me, this new season is like the beginning of the year, as I’m sure it is to many people, including students, teachers and seasonal staff. As I re-set my goals I get jazzed with the adrenaline rush of what could be. My mind shifts from the lazy days of summer to one filled with ideas and promise. I have trouble falling asleep as my awake dreams of possibilities keep me from drifting off.


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