Stunning Fall Garden Wedding Ideas 41
Stunning Fall Garden Wedding Ideas 41

46 Stunning Fall Garden Wedding Ideas

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Most outdoor weddings usually occur in the spring or summer. These are the seasons we traditionally associate with a garden wedding. However, fall is a spectacular time of year for an outdoor event. Not only is the weather cool and dry, and rain infrequent, but the outdoor colors in the fall can provide a wonderful backdrop for your event, and can also provide some inspiration in choosing colors for your wedding party. As with all weddings, good preparation and planning are key. In this article, we’ll discuss some things to consider as your begin planning your fall garden wedding.

When it comes to fall garden weddings, the choices for a location are almost endless. There are many large, public outdoor venues that can be rented, and can accommodate large numbers of guests. However, depending on the size and type of wedding you want, a smaller, private garden will lend more intimacy to the event. When searching for a location, think about the overall setting and how it might look in photographs. Natural features like lakes, valleys, waterfalls, or cliff views can all contribute to making your special day unique and unforgettable.

One of the best things about planning a garden wedding in the fall is the beautiful outdoor color palette that you have to work with. Fall color extends beyond beautiful red, orange, and yellow tree foliage. Burning bushes, ornamental grasses, and many perennial flowers are also flourishing at this time of year. Many flowers are just coming into bloom in the fall months, such as chrysanthemums and sedum, while others are reaching their peak right before the first frost.

If you have several months to plan your event, some advance preparation for flowers is always a good idea. If you have the opportunity, plant some special flowers in the spring and early summer months that are specifically designed to reach their peak in blooms and color around the date of your wedding. Another option is to choose a large structure, such as a wedding arbor or pergola, and plant a flowering vine at its base. A vigorous annual vine such as morning glory will only need 10 to 12 weeks to totally encompass an arbor or pergola, providing a spectacular backdrop for your event.

Decorations at a garden wedding are usually kept to a minimum, since the outdoor setting provides the majority of the ambiance needed. If you are setting up folding chairs for seating, you can accent the area by tying bows or small sprays of seasonal flowers to each chair. With an outdoor wedding, it can also be nice to mark the entrance to the event with some type of structure such as fountains or large potted plants flanking each side of the entrance. The nice thing about these structures is that they’re usually mobile, so if you’re moving to another nearby venue for the reception, they can be taken along and used as decorations there, too.

So if you’re planning an upcoming wedding and haven’t set the date yet, consider a fall garden wedding. The weather is reliable in most parts of the country, your choice of outdoor locations is nearly limitless, and most of your decorating work will already be done for you! With a little forethought and advance preparation, your fall garden wedding will be an amazing event that will delight your guests and leave you with wonderful memories for years to come.

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