Brilliant Drink Station Wedding Reception Ideas 14
Brilliant Drink Station Wedding Reception Ideas 14

40 Brilliant Drink Station Wedding Reception Ideas

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Planning a wedding reception is a tricky task from the outset, the main task being picking the ideal venue to showcase the perfect San Diego wedding, and then follow the other decisions such as the entertainment, table arrangements and of course, catering. With so many guests to please, a bride-to-be has to be conscious not to lose sight of what is right for her, and with so many options to choose from combined with a multitude of possible dietary requirements, the catering is a potential planning minefield.

One option which is fast becoming the popular choice with brides all over San Diego is a less formal use of food stations, rather than the traditional idea of a seated and set menu. This allows guests more freedom throughout the reception both in the food they select, and also how and with whom they interact. This idea of a ‘flow’ rather than timed segments means the traditional favorites such as the toasts and the cutting of the cake can still be a main feature without feeling regimented or stale. The table settings and food options are designed to perfectly fit the brides preferences whilst ensuring that everyone at the reception has their needs met in a fresh and memorable way.

The food stations can host a variety of foods which match or contrast with the layout of the room. The plates and cutlery are also distributed at a station meaning the tables can be radically redesigned from what the guests would expect. Going large with bold designs and bright linens creates stunning open spaces in place of the usual catering set-up and add to the uniqueness of the celebration.

Small detail in the planning can compliment the style of a flow reception. Think about having the caterers present to serve already-seated guests or re-fill drinks, or set up a candy bar with a selection of fun and exciting treats for the guests. The beauty of having a relaxed catering style is in the ability to eliminate the parts which seem mandatory but boring. Predetermined seating arrangements can be scrapped, or even embellished to add more fun to the occasion. One couple’s radical idea which proved a success was to provide guests with their table names at the beginning of the night and allow them to choose their own seating, meaning groups and, subsequently conversation, formed more organically.

However the planning manifests itself, the bride should feel like she has the freedom to express herself. Think about having a flow reception at your wedding to illustrate your personality and fun side and really wow your friends and family. The Abbey Catering is San Diego’s top choice for wedding catering and can help you plan a reception which will be unforgettable and totally unique to you.

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