Pretty Floral Wedding Invitation Ideas 37
Pretty Floral Wedding Invitation Ideas 37

40 Pretty Floral Wedding Invitation Ideas

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According to Indian custom, the first wedding invitation is dispersed in running water to ensure a long and happy marriage. An invite holds such importance in a traditional Indian marriage that Indian families go ahead and contribute about 5% of the total marriage budget to the invites.

Extravagant cards can utilize up to Rs30,000 in a marriage celebration that has a total budget of Rs5 lakhs. When it comes to cards for a daughter’s wedding, a floral theme can be used to complement the beauty of the bride and to celebrate the blooming relationship.

How to Use a Floral Theme for the Wedding Invitation

Given below are some useful ideas for impressive floral themed wedding invitation cards:

    1. Colors: Bright, fresh floral colors, like pink, red, orange, white, lavender and shades of blue are ideal for inducing the wedding invitations with an organic and fresh look. While pinks and reds would complement the bride’s blushing beauty, lavender and deep blue shades always look beautiful.


    1. Patterns: Use modern scroll work, complemented with roses, vines, leaves and twigs on the sides of the card and use flower watermark imaging for decorating the background. Flower patterns can also be printed with the help of thermography, using metallic gold or silver ink all over the card.


    1. Embellishments: Use silver or gold diamantes strategically to create unique floral patterns. Tiny flower sequins stitched on vellum paper, silk handmade paper or wooly paper can also look extremely beautiful for Indian wedding invitations. If you choose scroll cards for sending the invites, use a ribbon with flower arrangements to seal the scroll cards. Use tassels, tulle or silk thread for additional adornments on the cards.


  1. Stationary paper/fabric: Light and elegantly thin fabrics that almost look transparent are ideal for floral theme invites. Pictures of floral scenery or colorful roses, carnations or alstroemeria look mesmerizing when printed on fine glassine paper. You can print floral arrangements on colorful add-on cards also for a complete floral marriage invites suite. For eco-friendly lovers, manufacturers offer handmade petal paper made from preserved flowers, twigs and leaves. You can choose any floral color that you want for cards designed with handmade paper. Handmade petal paper not only looks organic and beautiful, but also smells great.

Make sure that you seek credible recommendations for a reliable vendor before placing an order for Indian wedding invitation cards. Check out the vendor’s latest catalog online to explore the options available.


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