Cute Valentines Day Gifts Ideas For Him45
Cute Valentines Day Gifts Ideas For Him45

48 Cute Valentines Day Gifts Ideas For Him

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Valentines Day gifts for him can be a challenge-have you counted how many bottles of meat rub or T-shirts with clever slogans he has? If so, you’re probably looking for something fresh.

So count his umbrellas. None? He needs one as a Valentine gift! The industry has responded to increased interest in umbrellas for both men and women in recent years with tested, durable designs, according to the Wall Street Journal. The Journal set out a couple of years ago to find out why so many umbrellas seem to underperform, with turning inside out in wind, leaving the user soaked, as the biggest gripe.

One company, aptly named GustBuster, demonstrated how it tests its wind umbrellas, which provide an additional layer of canopy to vent wind, in industrial strength 55-mph wind tunnels. Golf umbrellas, great Valentines Day gifts for him, pioneered today’s increasing stock of wind-vented umbrellas.

Two other factors make the biggest difference in umbrella performance and quality. Quality parts in durable steel, fiberglass and aluminum create stronger bumbershoots, and standard, rather than folding umbrellas, are stronger than the collapsible models you most often find on store shelves. In general, every folding part shortens the life of an umbrella, though folding umbrellas with quality parts last longer. A few even come with wind vents.

You won’t find umbrellas that make winning Valentines Day gifts for him in the cheapest range. Plan to spend at least $25-high-end models may range up to $100. But will he like an umbrella? Yes. Umbrella sales have been rising, including an 11 percent increase in 2010. Much of the increase appears to be consumers buying higher quality umbrellas, according to the NPD Group, a consumer research organization. The often-rainy London Olympics in 2012 provided ample opportunities to view fans under the cover of umbrellas, and in most venues men appeared as often as women.

You’ll generally want to look online for quality umbrellas. There is a large selection of quality umbrellas and other rain gear at varied prices on-line from manufacturers including Birdiepal, Grip2, GustBuster, Hass-Jordan, Leighton, Seaforth, ShedRain, Southern Plus, Weather Company and Windbrella. You can’t go wrong shopping for umbrellas on-line-just choose the umbrella that best matches your guy. In addition to everyday use, does he golf? Rain solutions to keep golfing gear dry are also available, as is waterproof clothing.

In selecting a Valentines Day gift for him, golf umbrellas are a good place to start, and many can also be used out and about town.

If you prefer a folding umbrella, look for quality manufacture such as fiberglass and steel construction and double canopy wind control. The Georgetown 58-inch folding umbrella (folds to 21 inches) by Windbrella is $29.95.

Here are a few handy umbrella etiquette tips, again from the Wall Street Journal. When two people holding umbrellas pass, the taller person should raise his or her umbrella. If both are the same height, the person with the bigger umbrella should raise it. Lest someone think you are likely to use your umbrella as a spear, always point the tip down when not in use.


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