Flawless Cat Tattoo Ideas You Can Try10
Flawless Cat Tattoo Ideas You Can Try10

41 Flawless Cat Tattoo Ideas You Can Try

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Cats are some of the most faithful pets a person could ever have. These fluffy and cute kitties are very loyal, that is why most owners prefer to have their favorite cats tattooed on their skins.

Whether you are a cat lover, or a person looking for a special style of tattoo, then here are important things about cat ink, as well as several ideas of tattoos that can demonstrate your sultry feline nature.

Cat Symbolism

The cat is linked to many deities who are most of the time associated with femininity and the moon. These goddesses are usually connected with intuition, fertility, emotion and nurturance.

In Greek mythology, cats are connected with Artemis, goddess of nature and hunting, and Hecate, the guardian of the sacred feminine.

Romans, on the other hand, link the cat with the goddess Diana, who governs nature and wildlife. The Egyptians attribute the feline to Bast, the solar goddess who protects the children. Lastly, the Norse relates the cat to Freyja, the goddess of beauty, love and childbirth.

Meanings of Cat Tattoos

Apart from being beautiful and attractive, there are a lot of meanings associated with such tattoos. For one, this ink design can be drawn on your skin to protect you from negative energy. After all, cats are believed to be guardians of the underworld, according to the Celts. With their silent and mysterious nature, this design can make you attractive and protected all at the same time.

Unpredictability – this is another term that corresponds to cat tattoos. Cats are known to be shape shifters, able to traverse in between worlds. If you want to tell the world about your capriciousness, then this tattoo is what you are looking for.

Cat Tattoo Ideas

A great thing about cat tattoos is that it can be interpreted in several kinds of ways. If you have a favorite breed of cat, then you can have it drawn on your body. Suitable areas for this style include the arms, chest and back. You can also ask for a symbolic cat tattoo, a simple image with attentive ears and whiskers.

Other good choices include tattoos of famous cats, such as that of Hello Kitty or Garfield. Colorful and comical, they can make you look vibrant and youthful. You can have small images, or you can choose big styles which can make you the talk of the town.

Your cat tattoos need not be alone – you can have other elements incorporated in your ink. For example, you can add a banner with the name of your favorite cat, or symbols in Celtic, Japanese or Chinese. There are numerous designs you can harmonize with your cat tattoo, it is just a matter of letting your imagination fly!

There are many varieties of cat tattoos, with each having its own meaning and symbolism, depending on how you choose to have it. By selecting the right design for your body, you will surely have a cat tattoo that can demonstrate your lovely feline nature.


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