Stylish Short Spiky Haircuts Ideas For Women41
Stylish Short Spiky Haircuts Ideas For Women41

43 Stylish Short Spiky Haircuts Ideas For Women

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Up-do’s have always been known as the classier category of the hairstyle race. It brings out your beautiful facial features and leaves less clutter around your face to distract you. Updos have always been the preferred choice to a wedding, anniversary or any other formal occasion for the simple reason that it brings out a kind of panache much needed for the formal event.

Short hairstyles have come in with a bang and more and more girls, ladies and older women are sinking into it and boy does that look good. Well it all depends on your stylist who can bring out a short hairdo to the curves of your head and your features. The Boy George cut is certainly not for everyone, but the number of short hairdos styles is phenomenal making it individualistic.

Now with your short hair how do you get an updo to a formal event? Well nothing is impossible. Updos for shag hairstyles vary from spiky to well set and gelled, curled or a half updo. Yes a half-updo is also a great option. Set the upper section of your hair with a partition that suits your face while the rest can just fall or be curled.

The half or full updo depends on your attire if you want to hide some aspects like broad shoulders or small neck. Chat with your stylist before you settle for any hairdo. These days with technology penetrating every segment of the industry there is ready software available where you can see your own self with the hairdo you prefer.

But don’t stick to a particular hairdo just because it looks good on you. Soon you will be pigeon holed with your style so try a different style with your new dress or even the same dress for every occasion. Sometimes the effect of the hairdo comes to perfection when you are fully dressed and your grace and style adds to the hair art.

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