Lovely Flower Tattoo For Valentine26
Lovely Flower Tattoo For Valentine26

45 Lovely Flower Tattoo for Valentine

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Flower tattoos are definitely classic, they are timeless and will definitely not go out of style. The women, specifically love them and some men also choose to have a piece of stunning flower tattoo designs on their body. With it being very popular, one has to think of ways to be unique and different in how they express themselves through flower tattoos.

While rose, cherry blossoms, lily, hibiscus, orchid and lotus tattoos might be the most popular when it comes to choices of flower designs, there are actually tons of other flowers that you can explore. They are equally beautiful and fascinating as well. Here are some of them:

1. Iris commonly colored purple is named after the Greek goddess of the rainbow and symbolizes faith, wisdom and valor.

2. Forget-Me-Not in European legend has its story that a youth drowned after trying to pick up this flower from the river and shouted “forget-me-not.” It has thus become a symbol of desperate love.

3. Pansy is link to thoughts, thoughtfulness, remembrance and love. It is look upon as sacred to St. Valentine and an emblem of Trinity to the Christians.

4. Violet according to Greek legend was a nymph who spared Apollo’s lust and became a flower. In Christianity, it is seen as a symbol of humility.

5. Hyacinth is seen as a symbol of prudence and sincerity. It was believed to have been named after a Greek character Hyacinth’s.

6. Peony in Japan has been linked to masculinity, riches and good fortune. In China, it was seen as related to marriage and fertility.

7. Carnation is a pretty flower that in Renaissance period seen as a symbol of betrothal and marriage.

8. Poppy is seen as a symbol of both death and sleep. It can be seen in shades of orange and red colors.

9. Anemone is a flower that denotes the transitory nature of life and is named after the Greek anemos. It is also seen as a symbol of unfading love, luck and anticipation.

10. Cyclamen is a flower dedicated to the Virgin Mary and symbolizes bleeding heart. It has a beautiful pink color and will definitely make a great flower tattoo design.


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