Modern Fashion Forward Outfits Ideas For Summer 41
Modern Fashion Forward Outfits Ideas For Summer 41

45 Modern Fashion Forward Outfits Ideas For Summer

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Slanting angles, chunky heels, pearl and metallic finishes! What’s hot this summer? Stay on top of the trends by following these fashion guidelines for crafting creative ensembles. Remember that shoes can make or break an outfit. There’s a big difference in tone between a bootie and a thong, so choose your accessories wisely.

1. Throw everyone off balance! Asymmetrical is in this summer. Try sharp-angle strappy sandals with v-shaped hemlines. Strut your stuff with a side-seam slit. Different detail on each side is interesting!

2. Ooh la la, that metallic sheen, the jingle of coins and bells. Metal accessories are all the rage, be they copper or golden, silver or chrome. Try a metallic bangle with adorned sandals of the same hue.

3. Ladylike lace lies at the other end of the fashion spectrum. To add some breezy femininity to an otherwise harsh piece, try lacy pumps or an effeminate lace bandanna. Lacy frocks also go great with shorts for a delicate summer statement.

4. Compare and contrast. Color blocking is a practice in which stand-out patterns and bright colors that might normally clash come together to create an aesthetically pleasing look. Bright, chunky cork wedges and neon flats offer many an opportunity to mix and match.

5. Patterned lower halves are no longer just frumpy for-mom pieces. Skirts, pants, shorts, capris. Bold floral or colorful geometric. Use color blocking, as mentioned above, to strike the perfect (im)balance, or pair a printed mini-skirt with platform lace-up footwear.

6. Stripes. Stripes, stripes, stripes. 2013 has inspired a love for the geometric in many a fashion pioneer. Simple and bold, stripes go very well with solid color, open-toe booties for a professional yet fashionable look.

7. Asian-inspired ensembles are making waves in the fashion world. Patterned silks and kimono-style silhouettes are easily accented by neutral wedges or strappy leather heels.


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