Trendy Dresses Ideas For This Fall With Heels 09
Trendy Dresses Ideas For This Fall With Heels 09

40+ Trendy Dresses Ideas For This Fall With Heels

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It’s that time of year again where women will be flocking to the stores, both online and off to find women’s party dresses that will impress and flatter them. It can be tricky to find one or more dresses that are versatile and fun as well as comfortable.

Women come in all shapes and sizes, each beautiful in their own way. By following a few simple rules any woman can show off her assets and feel like a hit at the myriad of holiday parties she’ll be attending in 2019.

All women know that a great fitting dress is invaluable. It channels beauty, confidence and style all in one. Once she knows what body type she has the rest is quite easy.

The Basic Body Types

Apple, banana, pear and hourglass are the four figure types that most women fall into. Here is a description of the four to help better figure which one is closest to her shape and make it easier for her to shop for women’s party dresses. Though there are variations to these shapes most women fall near one or the other.

Apple – The apple shape is like a letter “V” where the upper portion of the body is larger than the lower. An apple shaped woman has narrow hips with relatively broader shoulders, slim legs, and a larger midsection and chest.

Banana – The banana shaped body can be described best as a rectangular shape. The waist is less than nine inches smaller than the hips and bust. This creates an almost proportionate look through the torso.

Pear – The pear shape is an upside down apple, or an upward facing triangle. The hips are much larger as well as the rear end and thighs and she has a smaller chest.

Hourglass – The hourglass figure is characterised by hips and bust being nearly the same size and the waist being much smaller.

Choosing a Dress

The search for ideal women’s party dresses can now begin! As long as the shopper sticks to these basic guidelines they’ll have a much easier time shopping and being happy with the outcome.

Apple – The empire waist dress is the perfect choice to draw attention away from the abdomen. Also, a great option is anything that has detail focused on the chest or waist.

Banana – The perfect women’s party dresses for the banana shaped body are tight and form-fitting. They emphasise the chic physique they have benefits from any dress that has embellishments or draws attention to their thin waistline and detracts from the rear end and bust. This way they can avoid looking “boyish.”

Pear – There are many dress styles that work for the pear-shaped woman. They should choose women’s party dresses that include A-line, halter, wraps, long and flowy looks and strapless details. This way attention comes to the smaller upper body.

Hourglass – The ruched waist is a great option for the hourglass body as it draws attention to the tiny waist. Sashes, beaded waists, sweetheart necklines and side-slitted skirts are all good options. Plus sized hourglass women needn’t hide under dark colours. They should play up their curvy figures and not be afraid to show a little skin.

Women who shop for dresses that fit their body type will always look stunning no matter their shape or size. When they keep in mind these tips for shopping for women’s party dresses they’ll have plenty of success.

Using the aforementioned tips will have her feeling confident with ease. She should also consider tailoring for the perfect fit no matter how much the dress costs or where she finds it. Paired with a great set of heels and some statement jewellery she’ll be ready for anything.

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