Unique Combinations Ideas With Bracelets To Try This Year 49
Unique Combinations Ideas With Bracelets To Try This Year 49

40+ Unique Combinations Ideas With Bracelets To Try This Year

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Bracelets are a fun way to accessorize an outfit. Whether it’s cocktail attire, a suit for the office, or jeans and a t-shirt for a weekend outings, bracelets can help to add interest and personality to any look. Here are our top picks for bracelets that make the grade this season:

Corded bracelets – These simple and casual accessories are great for everyday wear. Made popular by the boho chic and California cool stylistas of the west coast, corded leather, hemp and fabric bracelets are youthful and affordable to own. Usually made of different colored fabric, they can be worn with other bracelets that you own to create unique combinations.

Cuff bracelets – Thick cuffs that are reminiscent of Cleopatra are in this year. Wear them separately or on both arms for maximum impact. This look is best left to dramatic evening ensembles. Choose bold enamel or resin cuffs for a more office friendly look.

Charm bracelets – A tried and true accessory, charm bracelets are back in a big way. And more is better, with piles of charms topping the list of must haves this season. Charm bracelets look great on women of any age, and make the perfect gift.

Beaded bracelets – Colorful, large beads are a great way to make a statement. Beaded bracelets can take you through any season, and can be worn alone or in a group. Try contrasting colors for a standout affect, or choose many hues in the same palette.

Rhinestone bracelets – Wearing sparkly stones used to be something that was reserved for evening wear, but all those fashion boundaries are being broken as women choose to rock rhinestones night and day. Black stones can add a rock and roll appeal, while rich hued gems set in yellow gold are classic winners.

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